Maintenance and Repair Technician

Maintenance and Repair Technicians ensure machines, equipment, and buildings remain in good condition and proper working order. As a part of Maintenance and Repair, you will:

  • Inspect things like motors and belts, fluid levels, and filters, similar to parts you might find under the hood of your car.
  • Take apart machines, then repair and replace parts using hand or power tools. Use large equipment such as hoists and cranes.
  • Use repair manuals to determine problems, and then fix them.
  • Keep track of the work you’ve done.
  • Do preventative maintenance "check ups" on machines, mechanical equipment and on buildings. This would include doing an inspection and testing.
  • You may also install new wiring, electrical components, piping and plumbing, machinery and equipment.
Entry-Level: Technician

Average salary*: $30,048

Education: High School Diploma

Testing: Pre-employment testing is typically required. Many companies require a passing score on the industry exams before being considered for employment. Topics focus on spatial ability, math concepts, mechanical reasoning and reading comprehension.

Special certificates/licenses: Some positions require an apprenticeship once employed. Commercial Driver’s License (CDL).

Mid-Level: Specialty Areas

Average salary*: $69,975

Required years of experience : Three to five year apprenticeship may be required.

Things you’ll do: There are several types of maintenance and repair work. For a mid- to senior-level position, one can become an expert in one of these specialty areas.

Mechanical Technician

Things you’ll do: Repair and maintain equipment and machinery in the power plant. Perform welding repairs. Discover problems with rotating machinery.

Substation Mechanic

Things you’ll do: Read diagrams of electric circuits. Serve as an expert on how a substation works and its equipment. Perform routine operations at the substation.

Relay Technician

Things you’ll do: Open and close switches to isolate defective relays, then perform adjustments or repairs. Inspect and test equipment and circuits to identify problems using special diagrams that show wiring as well as testing devices. Disconnect and replace equipment that manages voltage on high voltage power lines.

Instrumentation & Control (I&C) OR Electrical & Instrumentation (E&I) Technician

Things you’ll do: Diagnose mechanical and electrical problems at the power plant and determine how to correct them. Repair or replace defective equipment parts using hand tools and power tools, and then reassemble equipment. Set up and test industrial equipment to ensure it functions properly.

Senior-Level: Manager/Supervisor Technician

Average salary*: $70,731

Education: While companies may provide some training in supervisory and leadership skills, an Associate’s degree may be beneficial.

Required years of experience: Typically ten years

Things you’ll do: Determine schedules and work activities of team members. Discuss with team members how well they are doing on the job and provide feedback, as necessary. Check work areas and examine tools and equipment to see if there are any unsafe conditions. Communicate effectively with others including team members, bosses, and management. Deal calmly with potentially stressful situations.







Annual Salary Range*: $30k–70k

High School to Associate’s Degree

If you like: fixing things, problem solving, keeping equipment in top condition

You’ll also need to:

  • Be a good listener.
  • Be curious about how things work.
  • Be able to solve problems.
  • Concentrate on doing one thing for a long period of time without being distracted.
  • Know how to manage your time.
  • Be able to stand and kneel in small places.



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* Based on national average from payscale.com. Will vary depending upon geographic location.